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  • Record/Vinyl + Digital Album

    First pressing :
    300x Grey Marbled (180 gram) SOLD OUT!
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    Includes unlimited streaming of Sentinels via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
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The recess is over.
Your so-called revolution needs to come to an end.
The devil makes work for idle hands,
every minute you wasted will fill your life with regrets.

It's time for you to realize
this rebellion won't bring you more than nickels and dimes.
Your uproars are filth and won't give you food to eat;
i toiled for you to wine and dine and not for booze and cans.

Your lighthouse I can be, your teacher, or your leader;
lost souls and beggars end up in oblivion's haven.
Every Nation has an army, a head of state, and a parliament;
should your Freedom's foundations be different ?
You will be free at last only if your allegiance's pledged
for that system at least allows you to quit wretchedness

You may complain - "I condemn" - but this democratic republic guards us from oppression; complain - "I condemn" - but in the third world all what people know is submission.

As in all times, some were rich, some poor,
illiterate, while others were born powerful.
In our time some fought and changed the rules,
gave all access to school, to come through.
Capitalism as a bloomed seed of our natural rights
gives up on anyone who wallows in sloth & wrath.

Your love of chaos leaves space for thieves and deviance,
while that democracy's provided us with true common wealth.
You can no longer continue to make your life a wreck.
Work and discipline define sanity and thus success.


You must abridge yourself of your superfluities
for the supply of your own necessities.
Erase those utopian dreams
for a truly existing place stands right under your feet.

You must stifle your ego.
One can't move on with foursquare refusals,
kowtow, and see how a god thrives,
prompto! And not like a dog-like.

You must be as one with your trade;
equation is rigor and strictness brings strength.

You must make hard work your backbone;
elevation comes with the sweat of our brow.

Hard work as a lifestyle,
elevate your spirit off everyday life grounds,
pass common & material bounds:
knowledge is the power to transform a couple bucks into a thousand grand.

Love your neighbor as yourself, walk in his footsteps,
take him as a model, until you detect his weakest heel and strengths.
That's the way a “lion” keeps his territory and tradings safe:
by making his potential worst enemy his best colleague & friend.

You must share help for our community's sake.
You're no one without workforce and the recognition of your fellow citizens.
Pride and happiness through life's achievement;
drips of self esteem are spared in every contract of employment.

Ensure that your children will carry on on our name.
Then, labour your whole life for our beloved lineage
and build an inheritance on which sun never sets.

The History of our civilization has shown man's greatness and progress.

- "But not a line was written on the trail of tears of this success."

Some lines were, but victory of good over evil always justifies our civic exactions!

- "Hell is always paved with the goodest intentions."

Once and for all, you may persist in your insubordination,
but your decision will never stop the human race's positive evolution.

There is no alternative !


This is a definitive breach.
Capitalism, as the bloomed seed of your natural greed,
deployed its plunder blueprints for twenty five fucking centuries.
And nowadays servitude is the pride of all folks,
so I don't expect one more.
I want to see the West Fall break out
by means of all-out strike, shop windows in fire,
for the sake of the « reborn child ».

The torch of freedom's meant to light the path for trades.
And since everything is « fuck you pay me », anyone else,
who doesn't fit the crew can go to hell for all you care.
But like ship through storms, your system's doomed to shipwreck.

Nature didn't forget us but got restraint
since you poisoned minds with ad campaigns,
warped young minds to judge success
on money and fame,
on merit and influence.

As long as « hard working » myth will persist domination will exist.
So fuck that cut teeth pig-citizenship
in which one protests but only for the trough to be filled with better junk shit.
That system only allows us to dash into the sections and force feed.
From spare-time to serve-time,
work surely fills life to the brim
and gives it fullness of meaning.

You can smile on the top of the pyramid when glancing down at the bottom of it grinning workers can be seen waving raises deigned to be granted.
So, be sure that I won't take the bait,
nor make my life a hard working waste.


- "Then you'll die at the lower end of the scale.
cause this is how the world works."

Your world's always needed
monsters to hate, windmills to defy,
oppressed to liberate, slaves to evangelize,
to flatter the soul of those who think they have one.

It's about the oldest empire reign
in its most archaic form
which besieges us and tightens
the noose around our neck
off its modern version.
All your foreign drama-like concerns
end up in blood bathed tragedy-maker operations.

-" We are no less than Peace bearers
Had we better remained silent before such horrors ?"

- And when the tide turns and wets the « white man »,
with the same european colonial process,
crime against humanity is decreed and
the killers put at the U.N stake.

No doubt you'll preserve your position,
as long as your god will grant you “the nations,
for your inheritance and the ends of the earth for your possession”

No doubt you'll sustain it,
holding the chair in Hell,
the same one we're living,
as long as « the old inquisition »
will keep on “judging and condemning
anyone rising up against its will”.

Since in the democratic « Gloïre » only bob
the casualties' blood that indifferently blotch
the Triangle's ground, the Tampa's deck,
the Gaza's barbedwires, the Argentina's motorways,
Catalogna's & Middle-East's borders, the Sacré-coeur's steps,
and among a shitloads of others, La moneda.


- "Don't you see there's no alternative?!"

These are just isolated facts of their slavery
and the « Aborindian » mass killing :
The human life's worth and valuation's
hung to the S-shaped hook of the capitalist holocaust.
When a green grass is squared off from one's life,
who's suckled to self hatred, a child of a cultural genocide,
whipped, disgraced for any twinge of uprise,
one is left to the sole perspectives of your charcoal skies.

Once the mess is done, you can prey on the weak,
grant better « water with berries in it »
and a « book to kiss ».
The defeated will fall in love with the defeater,
they will always look out for its welfare,
as gratefulness for « the luck » to get more than the other :
eating better, dressing better, living better...
And they’ll love their new god more than they've ever loved themselves before.

And now we all got the lesson taught, everyone wants its share of the spoils :
Tell me who presides over the country where black folks are hunted down?
Remember the burning bum turned to be a torch for women's freedom.

But sometimes the tide turns and god whispers to slaves to kill the « white man »; the astilleros and « cuartel de la Montana »'s armament is hijacked and holds the power at gunpoint, by brothers and sisters...


...And from where WE are, WE have watched at a distance
the fascists militias crush the rebellion,
until the order gets restored and the tables turn on them,
by strategy, or by fear of sticking out our neck.
WE have simply made OUR reflection OUR age-old enemies,
once more, repeating this same old cynical story;
to keep on fighting the ghost trapped in OUR glass cell
rather than shooting dead the cop hidden in OURselves.


It seems WE’ve all had a role to play
ever since the unfortunate
and, alas, already too faraway
system's inauguration date.

We often did pretend to dissent from
our inheritance and rules norm.
Often did WE act like big mouth orators,
dictating the propaganda of the deed like teachers.
WE've spent the most of OUR time spitting on social aids, health care system, while living off the dimes they deign to drop to our faces.

WE've spent the most of OUR time to convince OURSELVES of our freedom, to prepare OURSELVES for the civil war to come.
In facts, WE've never dared to quit, to separate from that dragon.
In facts, WE've always stood as one devoted student.

If despair may break any bar of iron,
time and habit-forming can reinforce them more.
WE're in the grip of the camera state filled with cops.
2 times 2 makes 5 when taught for brainwashing years.

It used to be them against US, they made it us against I.

So am I definitely one void who self-talks?
Wearing a mask according to the face I want to show?

In this WE may only have time to count what WE have to gain and mostly what WE have to lose.


Good and Evil inside of MY brain, are both sides the same?
Cause I feel both liberated and tamed.
White middle class male, far from being in the Man's cross-hairs,
I also feel a deep need to put an end to their game.

Hog-tied to the cogs of the wheel,
I'm a dime a dozen, who's washed, lost in the norm,
always indebted to the cases and cages they want ME to fit in.
But I'm trapped in a world that I've never asked for.
Guilty for accusing the hand of the law, and biting the one that feeds,
I get deeper into the In-Between, in which the « false » is part of the truth.

Cause every contradiction holds a coherence
of the heart faced with “their Rational”.
Each one marks a refusal of The Order
that'd invest to the last of one's senses.

That's why they will use their army, their warfare's economy,
their terror, their official militias, their penitentiaries,
their schools, their administrations, their asylums,
their medias, their culture, their science, their technologies..
whenever one opens a crack in the long wall of « Democracy ».
Fuck their model of christian “charity”:
a code word that merges everyone into the settler society.

But I'm not a nation to be defended,
I'm not a flag to be hoisted,
I'm not a party to be joined,
I'm not a brain to be disciplined,

I'm not a future to be planned,
I'm not a stomach to be fed,
I'm not a feeling to be administered,
I'm not a number to be registered,

I'm not a value to be rated,
I'm not an image to be duplicated,
I'm not an instinct to be cured,
I'm not a need to be consumed,

And above everything, I am not a wreath
to be laid on the breeding ground of Freedom.

“I am” where both ends meet, where the weapons and the fear meet.
“I am” when the time has come for us to move on from the “In-between”,
to put an end to this chaos, to write over our life lines,
so as to build up for ourselves the world of the reborn child.


from Sentinels, track released November 9, 2016
Recorded & mixed by Amaury Sauvé at The Apiary studio, January & February 2016.
Mastering by Nick Zampiello at The New Alliance East studio, March 2016.
Special thanks to Dahud Le Meur (violins), Lou Ropero (cellos) + Simon Deslandes (trumpets) & Guillaume Doussaud - The Swan Sound Studio (trumpets recording).

All lyrics & music stolen by Nine Eleven


all rights reserved



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