Yes, We Have Partying Skills

by No Guts No Glory

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NO GUTS NO GLORY's second full-length album. For fans of Dead To Me, Dillinger Four, Descendents, New Mexican Disaster Squad, Trial By Fire, Fucked Up, The Hives...


released July 15, 2013


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I For Us Records Belgium

HARDCORE/PUNK/INDIE label & distro from Belgium

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Track Name: King Of Hearts
I guess I've lost the vibe between the 19th failure and my last deception. I'm not quite sure, but I guess it's right. I've had enough to wait for you to say something. It's tricky to stand when you can't feel your legs, like it's hard to hit when you can't hear your beat. Well I've lost it, but I think it's here... Somewhere and I just can't find it. I'm half awake so just in case you find it, well it would be cool to bring it back. I'm not pointing at anyone, but these little losses make me waste my time. It's in my mind, you should know why. I'm moving on. I don't mind anymore.
Track Name: About Beauty
She says she's fat and ugly, he thinks she's beautiful. Who cares what their fashion says, how skinny their models are, it's fucked up... Can't you see they all look the same? Fuck photoshoped fantasms. She's fat and she's horny. Don't care what their standards say, you know it's never enough. Accept your unicity, you know it's never enough. She's thin, without a mercy, she's ruining her health and soul. Can't you see that it's fucked up? Can't you see that it's not worth it? How strong is the influence of the codes of beauty, it's fucked up. I was fat, now i feel better, watch my blood, i'm half dead. Fuck diets and fuck fashion, don't let them tell you what's wrong or right.
Track Name: All Hail Leo Taxil
This is the end of time, go kill yourself, reptilians knock at our doors. Fooled by Lucifer, stuck in your mud, too blind, to naive to see their trap. Can't you see it's all the Illuminatis ? They spy your facebook mails, it's sick ! Jesus is the Devil. That's what David Icke said. David Icke doesn't give a fuck.
Track Name: Brutal Lesbienne
She contradicts every word you say, she makes you feel that you might be gay. She likes to grow her armpits, seems you don't approve then get the fuck away ! She spits, she trash talks, she treats you like shit, now you wonder who really has a dick, Jane's a big mouth and that's so fucking great ! She doesn't like boys, she's more into tats. Yeah Jane's a queer I think it's cool I'm fine with that. Religious cowards try to control. Rise above, you gotta rise above.
Track Name: Riot Girls
For three voices shut a thousand rise, did you expect it'd end up like that? Bitch you don't like to lose control... You want to be a tsar and it's getting on your nerves, you worked so hard to fake the votes. The street never leaves you in peace... Die Putin die! Blasphemy, Oh Blasphemy! What's wrong with you? Dear don't you dare question authority! You don't like to look surprised, I love to see your face on these stupid coffee mugs yeah, you look so rad without your clothes... I can't believe you're still in power, I can't believe your castle didn't blow away... Wohoho, 99% of votes...
Tell me how you've reached that score?
Track Name: When Sun Shines Bright
I just want to fall in love today. Were we too young to care or just too greedy to appreciate? Shall I know. Oh dear I miss the sunny days, when we simply felt fine and nothing else really mattered. Too proud to face that I'm moving backward. Lay down, just don't get burned, all I want is to fall in love today.
Track Name: Hopefully It Won't Tear Us Apart
I'm glad we're still close after all the pain I've put you through. I know it's been hard and I really fell bad and heartless. I ruined our plans because I loved you, sadly not with the same kind of love. Wish it could have turned out better. Wish it could have stayed the same. There's nothing to play on the radio. I hate myself for ruinning it, but I couldn't cheat with you. Nothing to play on the radio.
Track Name: When Bedbugs Bite
No gold shines as bright as your eyes, no envy is as greedy as yours. Did you even mean a word? I guess you didn't even mind. Marketing happiness, Jane's dead. Shortly, she finally found sleep. The longest night she could ever dream. Which pills would you like today? These ones will drag you down to the dancefloor. Medicate forgiveness. Sweet pills. Shortly, she finally found sleep, rotting down a coffin's ground. Please help me out, I'm tired. Please help me out to shut down the sound of the voices. These sweet pills will help to sleep.
Track Name: King Of Spades
It's so frustrating I cannot beat the shit out of you while you fool everyone around you. So don't be surprised, you are the reason why I dream in silence. It's just some envy, some thoughts for you. Guillotine ties might really suit you... Vultures and hyenas should take notes from you. This costume really suits you. I dream in silence of Anthrax inhalation, you are the reason. It's just some envy, some thoughts for you. Burning your house all down, digging your grave... I'll sit and watch your mouth bleed. I hope you enjoyed your food. We finally fed these bastards with poison. Cough, choke! Scream, shake! While we all watch you fucking die. Oh Lord this winter has been long.
Track Name: Chat Noir²
I've never been that kind of guy stressed or over anxious, but I guess I'm nearly about to explode. Some people say my hands double cursed. All my friends say I'd rather stop. Fifteen days without a shower, thousand euros debts of bills and tolls, 12 minutes sets and van breakdowns, and so much more to come... I'm glad I don't believe in ghosts. In that mess I've lost a couple of days, not a thing I'd know for sure. In that mess I'll drive that russian roulette, not a thing is certain in these dark and trouble days. Too much frustration, way more than I can take.
Track Name: You Cheater!
Like playing, you cheater! Seems you love to tear some lives apart. How cool is it to be a sex consumer and fool someone's love? What's the point, you don't even care anymore. She doesn't pick up the phone anymore. She's not a toy to play with and to throw away when bored. You selfish piece of shit, you aren't even ashamed and she's too blind to trust her friends. You're so lame. Can't even be honest and recognize she's nothing but your whore. And she keeps waiting, so alone. He cheated you both, what did you expect? What don't you get some self respect? He's a fucking piece of shit. He'll never make the right decision. This time you'd better let it go.
Track Name: No Brain, No Headache
When you yelled "smash the reds", first I laughed out loud. But it appears you were serious... Wow you're so dumb it just blows my mind! I can't believe she fell in love with an idiot just like you. I mean it strangles my heart she closes her eyes on all the all the fucking shit you do. Well I don't think it's fun and I just can't go on. So, were we friends? Now I guess you're my enemy. And if she's still your friend ,she'd rather stay away from me. Tell me more, tell me more, tell me more how comes you're o.k with this. I can't stand your face, your arrogance fucking makes me sick.
Track Name: Great Capital, Judeo-Christian Patriarchy, Love Letters And Tea
Try to divide, playing us off against each other, breaking us down, separating roles on genders. I like your smartness... Get up, get out! Our time is running out! Embrace the darkest side, ignore the brightness of dawn. Brothers and sisters, dancing around your grave. I guess we're all falling down... Water wars will doom your miserable selfish world. Brothers and sisters, see! We can recreate! I guess they're soon falling down. Don't blame me for trying to stay out of your system, trying to stand out of this mayhem, I've got no remorse. Because I know your politics will fail. Trying again to assimilate. Wondering if you'll be reelected.