No One Has Promised Us Tomorrow

by Red Cloud

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Release date: December 22nd, 2014.

From Red Cloud (aka Teun Van Aerschot):

"Having gained experience in the punk rock bands Break Of Day and Generation 84 and after a very inspiring trip to the Canadian Rocky Mountains, I started to write some personal songs in my bedroom. After finding the courage to pursue them further, I decided to make it a real project by the name of ‘Red Cloud’ and a first EP soon ensued. ‘Time is of the Essence’ was released in 2011 and it got some good reviews. Fast forward to 2014 and Red Cloud is ready to release its debut full length album ‘No One Has Promised Us Tomorrow’, containing 10 songs about loving life, travelling and all the beauty nature has to offer, but also about suddenly losing good friends and the pain that caused. In many ways this new album is a coming of age for myself as a person, but also as a musician. So feel free to have a listen and share this process, my joy and my pain, and keep in mind: no one has promised us tomorrow, so carpe diem!"


released December 22, 2014


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Track Name: Into The Wild
Lately I’ve been thinking about a thing that’s running through my mind, so then I go and pick up my guitar. I hear the road, it calls on me to follow and pursue my dreams. I have to take this step before I…

I know that this time I have to pursue my own dreams or I will live this life blue. So wind carry me right into the wild, or I will just put my life on the line.

Sorry as I might have been, I packed my bags and left it all. I didn’t look back as I drove away. The sun was shining on my face, I laughed out loud and turned the music up. The road open for me.
Track Name: Tales From The Sidewalk
Another empty bottle left for dead is ringing in my head. Feel the bite from the cold like a needle thrust between my eyes. This game will just go on. Another drinking song and I’m the one to blame. I’m left here with the shame.

The sidewalk feels so cold as the onlookers behold while I play another fucking trenchcoat song. The more, the merrier, but then come the remarks. “He’s got food stuck in his beard.” Now does that make me weird?

You are judging the wrong man, because I’m just an artist singing in the street. Pouring my heart for you. No, I’m not your average business man, you see.

I pour my heart and they just drop a dime. But how could I ask for more? I am sleeping on their floor. Keep the money coming in, pay the bills, think of what sin they will place on you if she is left to pay the rent alone.
Track Name: Aux Armes Mes Amis
Far across the land we spread all our emotions. We hide them in the sand without even a notion of what we used to be. A stronghold, freemacon, a revolutionary. Speaking out against Louis Quatorze, le roi du soleil. Aux armes! Aux armes! Aux armes mes amis!

Je vous accompagne sur la route vers l’enfer. Je sens déjà les flammes qui brûlent comme la coeur de Marianne. Je sais qu’ensemble nous sommes forts. Je n’ai pas tort. Aux armes! Aux armes! Aux armes mes amis!

While we’re roaming city streets, we burn the constitution, a flag in our hands. Now, I want my Bill of Rights to respect the person I want to be. My own personality.

A castle in our way. We take it so vicious in a Scottish kind of way. Burning down the fences as we go. Oh, I wish it weren’t so. But you leave us no choice. You hang all our kids, you rape all our wives, and still we can’t spit in your face. You filthy disgrace. Aux armes! Aux armes! Aux armes mes amis!

While we’re roaming city streets, we burn the constitution, white flag in our hands. Now, I want my coat of arms to respect the people that I serve with. Aux armes mes amis!
Track Name: Bank Robber
I’ve got a 10 million dollar plan. I’m going to run and rob the bank, and if I have to kill, I don’t give a fuck. I’m just going to drink your blood. I’ve got a pistol in my pocket, I’ve got a cap over my head. So when I walk in I hear the people scream, before they’re shot to death. When the employees open the safe, I’m going to jump for joy and head for gold. I reel it in, my head goes wild with the pain stinging in my back.

Tell me. Tell me, will I get home? It was nothing but a simple song that made me do it all for you.

I don’t know what hit me then and there, but I could no longer stand up. I raised some hell when I saw them come, but still they took me in. I was rolling in a cop car, even if it was in the back seat. If I don’t ever find a way out of here, I’ll shoot myself to death. When the door opens I start to run. I’m not looking back, suddenly I’m stunned with the metal burning in my flesh, and I fall down. Bang, bang bang!
Track Name: Valemount Rodeo
Well, I saw a man in Valemount, and he was seven foot tall. He was with a bunch of cowboys who were about to have a ball. The crowd all geared up in the stands, the onion rings stuck in their hands, and then they let the raging bull go free.

I fell in love with Valemount rodeo. The horses dancing in the sand. Can you last 8 seconds on a giant bull? Don’t fall off and break your neck.

We walked up to the counter and we paid our 20 bucks. We found ourselves a nice place in the glowing summer sun. We had no beers, because of the band, so I started working on my tan, and then they let the crazy bull go free.

I fell in love with Valemount rodeo. The cowboys rolling in the sand. Can you last 8 seconds on a giant bull? Don’t fall off and break your neck.

As the night was drawing to a close a lot of cowboys fell. They got their winner in the end, and boy, was he a man! We packed our things, agreed to go. Time for us to hit the road. The rodeo forever in my heart.

I fell in love with Valemount rodeo. The cowboys groaning in the sand. Can you last 8 seconds on a giant bull? Don’t fall off and break your neck.
Track Name: The Breeze
I see the candle fading. I walk by and I wonder if there’s hope. Is this a breeze that’s teasing the fire or is this the final gust, that will blow all hopes to the wind? Are we too blind to see we have more than a candle? It should take more than some wind to destroy the times that we shared together.

I wonder what you’re thinking. Can we still be okay? Am I waiting foolishly until you take all this away from me? Burning like an effigy.

So help me tow the gasoline, so we can self-immolate and be free. Please feel free to spread your wings. Just don’t forget to look down from time to time, and remember that old wax is frail.

So we’re burning. Yeah, we’re burning. Burning like an effigy.
Track Name: Vulnerably Obsessed
Hold me, break me, devastate me. You know I’m not faint at heart. We have been through thick and thin, through bad and good. I’m not a dancer, I’m not sporty. I drink beer and sing in some band. Thanks for letting me do what I love best.

This one’s for my better half. The one I need the most when I feel sad. I used to dream about so many things, but now I’ve found them here.

Choke me, hurt me, get rid of me. You know I’ll keep coming back. I’m all obsessed, which leaves me vulnerable. I’m always up late and too busy, that doesn’t mean I don’t love you. I would climb the Everest for you.
Track Name: Shine On
I would crawl on my knees to your grave, so he could sit on my back all the way. So that he wouldn’t have to carry this weight, but I know that nothing can ease the pain.

But even thought it hurts, he holds his head up high. Luckily he found your strength, and your eternal smile. This can’t be happening, he seems to be thinking. Even though your time was short, you’ve given enough to shine on.

Mark my words, he will never forget all those times you pulled him to your chest to comfort him and tell him he’s the best. That is how he’ll move on.

You’ve given enough to shine on. You’ve given enough, so shine on…
Track Name: Letting Go
I guess you needed help, but you needed more than we could give. I didn’t know about it until the day that you have sent that long, long e-mail to all your friends.

And we were there for you, but you kept slipping further away. Did we do enough or was it a fight you couldn’t win? That long, long e-mail: “I need your help!”

I hope you found your peace now, but please allow us to be sad. The memories will remain. Now just enjoy, my friend. That long, long silence. We need your help.
Track Name: Traveller
Has your mommy never told you to walk away from here? A small town with very small ways, the word culture sounds so strange. And I’m not saying I feel better than anyone in here. I just know that there is more out there than my pub and its beer.

I’m going to sing as loud as a flock of birds going south. Now you try and stop me, yeah. I am out of…

Hear my voice while I sing to wake you up from this small town dream. Now go out and see the world. Because there’s more to life than your job and some cartoons. So make sure you act, now that you still have the chance.

I’m going to sing as loud as a flock of birds going south. Now you try and stop me, yeah. I am out of here.